Group Structure

Brands marketed and represented by Standard Foods Corporation




Company Overview
Standard Foods Corporation
(Established in 1986)
With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, Standard Foods takes advantage of its Taoyuan-based factory. Measuring 66,115.7 m2 the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing systems to ensure consumers receive products of the highest quality.
Standard Dairy Products Taiwan Limited
(Established in 1999)
The Hukou factory and Chung Li factory manufacture fresh dairy products under the brand name of Fresh Delight for Standard Dairy.

Standard Beverage Company Limited

(Established in 1998)

Based in Puli, the Standard Beverage Company Limited delivers the finest spring water sourced from Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range.
Shanghai Standard Foods Company Limited
(Established in 1993)

Originally known as Suzhou Standard Foods Company, the business targeted the Shanghai and East China market. As new markets emerged and business opportunities arose, the company was renamed Shanghai Standard Foods Company Limited in 2003.