Main Brands

Quaker Business Unit
  • In 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially endorsed Quaker Oats. With this formal sanction, the government agency acknowledged the ability of oatmeal products to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Taiwan’s Department of Health issued its first health certificate for a grain product to Quaker Instant Whole Oats in 2000. The official support recognizes the link between daily intake of oatmeal and the reduced risk of coronary heart disease.
Great Day Business Unit
  • Great Day remains the preferred edible oil brand among Taiwanese housewives.
  • Great Day’s sunflower oil products have ranked as Taiwan’s best-selling edible oils for over 20 years.
  • As evidence of Great Day products’ popularity, every second household in Taiwan uses at least one Great Day oil product.
Baby Food Business Unit
  • As Taiwan’s leading baby-food brand, Standard Foods produces a variety of baby and toddler food products as part of its commitment to provide exceptional products to help youngsters grow and develop.
Adult Nutrition Business Unit
  • Standard Foods proudly stands as Taiwan’s leading producer of low fat and non-fat milk powder products. Continuing to break new ground, Standard Foods launched an iron-rich milk powder formula designed specifically for women in 1995. Later on a specially formulated powder product, Dream Care, is offered to help women consumers to overcome discomfort related to menopause.
  • Recognizing its benefits, Taiwan’s Department of Health formally awarded two of the powder products Health Food Certificates.
Special Nutritional Food Business Unit
  • Standard Foods launched its Quaker Complete Nutrition Food products in 2006. Practical and convenient, these products provide patients in recovery period or weak consumers with need for dietary care with the recommended daily nutritional requirements.  
  • The Quaker Complete Nutrition Food range includes nutrient-rich liquid products and powder versions.
Tonic Drink Business Unit
  • Blending western science and Chinese traditional remedies, Standard Foods’ herbal tonic drinks offer the best of both worlds.
  • In the Tonic Drinks market, Standard Foods’ products are the top-selling brand for Taiwanese consumers.
  • Endorsed by health professionals, Standard Foods’ Ginseng Tonic Drink Series was the first Ginseng-enhanced beverage to receive a health certificate. The official endorsement recognizes the product’s ability to protect liver health. Quaker’s Lin-Zhe Tonic Drink also earned a health certificate, acknowledging the drink’s capacity to regulate the immune system.
Standard Dairy Products Business
  • Standard Dairy Products’ various Fresh Delight range reflects its commitment to offer products with broad appeal.  
  • Technological advances and exclusive processes ensure Standard Foods’ milk products, including the ever-popular Hokkaido line, preserve their fresh taste and rich flavor.
Agency Business
  • Standard Foods’ strong strategic alliance with New Zealand’s Fonterra Dairy Company has helped Fonterra’s milk powder become one of three market-leading brands. In addition, the company’s Chesdale Cheese brand retains over half the market share.
  • Standard Foods secured Mentos distribution rights over 20 years ago. Mentos currently stands as the best-selling sweet in Taiwan’s 7-11 convenience stores.