Mission, Vision & Values

One singular goal drives the Standard Foods team: to create products of superior quality that improve customers’ lives.

This ambitious objective influences every decision. It inspires innovation and the discovery of new products. It shapes, challenges and inspires every company employee.

Every day Standard Foods strives to find new ways to satisfy its customers’ needs. This shared vision has made Standard Foods one of Taiwan’s most trusted and respected brands.

Standard Foods’ success was built on a solid foundation. The key cornerstones to growth have been:

  • Innovation: Knowing that the best can always be better, Standard Foods is constantly innovating. Drawing inspiration from Asian and Western cultures, teams develop products and concepts that are practical, user-friendly and unique.
  • Determination: Standard Foods has a single-minded commitment to its customers and constantly strives to deliver better products and healthier options.
  • Passion: Standard Foods is driven to innovate, motivated by its customers and energized by the results.
  • Quality: Standard Foods promises to deliver products of exceptional quality. From the choice of raw materials, to the production processes and control measures they introduce, uncompromising quality is the common link.

Passionate about its products, proud of its history and committed to its consumers, Standard Foods continually strives for excellence.