Overview of Operations

  • As Taiwan’s largest manufacturer and marketer of nutritional foods and supplements, Standard Foods’ key product lines include oats products, grain-blended beverages, and many dairy products such as fresh yogurt products and complete nutrition drink products.
  • Standard Foods Corporation also oversees production and distribution of Great Day products. Great Day, the largest edible oil brand in Taiwan, has a product range that includes olive and sunflower oils, soy sauce, family soup products and seasonings.
  • Standard Foods is Taiwan’s largest health food company producing a range of Chinese herbal tonic drinks, nutritional supplements and baby and toddler food products.
  • As a measure of the company’s success and its commitment to excellence, over 80% of the families in Taiwan use at least one Standard Foods product.
  • Standard Foods products are now available in over 15,000 retail stores across Taiwan.
  • Standard Foods Corporation launched its China operations in 1993. As part of the expansion, the company exported its first-class manufacturing techniques, superior quality standards, and innovative marketing strategies to the mainland. Since then, the Chinese-specific brand, Mighty, has become one of the top-selling high-end edible oils in China’s coastal cities.