Product Chronology

Year Event
1986 Standard Foods acquires the trademark and distribution rights for Quaker Oats and Quaker Baby Cereal in Taiwan.

Standard Foods signs a licensing agreement to distribute Mentos in Taiwan.

Great Day introduces its Sunflower Oil into the local Taiwan market.

1989 Great Day expands its product portfolio with the launch of Great Day Vegetable Oil and Great Day Corn Oil.
1990 Production begins on Quaker Must Supplementary Food.

Standard Foods debuts Quaker All-In-One Cereal Beverage.

The company earns a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate for its Quaker Baby Cereal and Oats.

1992 Standard Foods secures trademark rights for ABS Baby Cereal with milk.
1993 Salty-flavored Quaker All-In-One Cereal Beverage is released onto the local market.
Quaker Low-Fat Milk Powder is added to the product range.
1994 Quaker Vita Cereal Powder and Quaker Non-Fat Milk Powder become part of Standard Food’s ever-growing portfolio.

Standard Foods debuts Quaker Milk Powder for Pregnancy and Grow-Up Milk Powder.

Quaker All-In-One Cereal Beverage—High Fiber & Iron Formula and Non-Fat & High Calcium Formula first appear on supermarket shelves.

1996 Consumers welcome Quaker Children's Milk and Quaker Low-Fat Milk Powder-Original Formula.

Standard Foods pioneers a series of Tonic Drinks: Ginseng Tonic Drink including Original Formula, Honey-Enriched Formula, Student’s Formula and Lin-zhe Tonic Drink.

Quaker Three Treasures Oats, Quaker Fruity-Flavored Muesli, Quaker Baby Cereal for Grow-Ups and Quaker Jar Baby Foods become available for the first time.


Quaker Student’s Milk Probiotics Formula and Great Day Olive Oil are added to the product range.

Standard Foods launches Quaker All-In-One Cereal Beverage dual pack and Quaker Follow Up Baby Cereal.

Manufacturing begins on Great Day Pure Water.

1999 Standard Foods introduces Quaker Instant Whole Oats and a series of Quaker Milk Powder products enriched with Probiotics.

100% Fresh Juice-Milk Drink named Tango is introduced into the market.


Quaker Non-Fat Milk Powder Pearl Powder Formula and Quaker Low-Fat Milk Powder are launched into the market.


Quaker Oats products receive an official Health Food Certificate.

2001 Great Day Light Sunflower Oil, Quaker Vita Cereal Powder - Inulin Formula, Great Day Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Great Day Grape-Seed Oil and Quaker Dream-Care Milk Powder for Menopause are introduced into Standard Foods’ brand portfolio.
2002 Both Quaker Grow-Up Milk Powder and Quaker Three Treasures Oats receive Health Food Certificates.

Standard Foods expands its product range with a variety of new products: Quaker Instant Oats with Black Rice Flakes; Quaker Traditional Chinese Herb & Cereal Beverage; Freschissimo Rose & Four Herbs Drink Series; Great Day Fried Pork Flakes; Quaker Six Treasures Oats; Quaker Grow-Up Milk Powder Lactoferrin Formula; and Quaker Premium Cereal for Baby.
2003 Both Quaker’s Low-Fat and Non-Fat Milk Powder-Probiotics Formulas receive the Health Food Certificates, acknowledging their ability to improve gastrointestinal functions.
2004 Edible oil products receive GMP certificate and an ‘Excellent’ rating.

Great Day Premium Golden Sunflower Oil receives a Health Food Certificate for moderation of blood lipids.

Standard Foods launches Quaker Complete Nutrition Food.
2005 Quaker Ginseng Tonic Drink earns its Health Food Certificate for its ability to protect the liver.

Quaker Vita Cereal Powder - Anka Formula receives a Health Food Certificate, recognizing the product’s ability to moderate fat levels in the blood.
2006 Quaker Non-Fat Milk Powder-Probiotics Formula receives two Health Food Certificates, recognizing its capacity to moderate fat levels in the blood and improve gastrointestinal functions.
2007 Quaker’s Lin-Zhe Tonic Drink receives a Health Food Certificate for its ability to regulate the immune system.

Launch Quaker Complete Nutrition Food—Diabetic Formula.
2008 Quaker Essence of Chicken with Ginseng receives a Health Food Certificate for its fatigue-fighting ability.

Standard Foods Corporation is named agent for New Zealand dairy company, Fonterra. Fonterra’s product range includes Chesdale, Anlene, Anchor, Anmum, and Fernleaf.
2009 Quaker 100% Oats Drinks and Quaker Complete Nutrition Food—Diabetic Formula Powder debut on the market.

Quaker 100% Oats Drinks and Great Day Five Treasures Oil both receive Health Food Certificates for their ability to moderate blood lipids and lower cholesterol.

Products delivered from Standard Foods’ factories pass the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standards.
2011 Freschissimo Rose & Four Herbs Drink receives its Health Food Certificate for its anti-aging function. Launch Great Day Family Soup Series and Freschissimo Glucosamine Drink.