Diet & Cancer Prevention

Lowering Your Risk of Cancer

Standard Foods recognizes the link between a healthy diet and cancer prevention. As part of its commitment to its customers, Standard Foods offers nutritious products and premium ingredients that lower the risk of cancer.

Studies show that dietary factors are the cause of up to 40 % of all cancers, and are therefore preventable. Adults who have a poor diet, are overweight, or consume foods high in fat have a higher risk of contracting cancer of the colon, uterus or prostate.

Medical research confirms that positive lifestyle changes can lower the risk of cancer. A simple checklist outlines the key steps to preventing cancer:


Anti-cancer checklist
  1. Maintain a balanced diet and proper weight.
  2. Reduce sugary drinks.
  3. Increase the intake of high-fiber foods, including fruits, vegetables, oats, whole grains and beans.
  4. Consume foods containing vitamin A, C or β-carotene and antioxidant-rich foods such as dark green or deep yellow vegetables.
  5. Avoid high-temperature frying or foods high in fat.
  6. Use vegetable oil sparingly.
  7. Select natural foods and avoid adding salt to your meals.
  8. Limit your intake of alcohol and animal fats.
  9. Aim to exercise at least 30 minutes a day and get plenty of rest.
  10. Eat more cancer-fighting foods, such as dark green vegetables and fruit, cabbage and cauliflower.


Dietary fiber

A diet high in dietary fiber can reduce the likelihood of intestinal cancers and prevent heart disease and obesity. Fiber-rich foods include brown rice, oats, fruits, vegetables, dried beans, nuts and seeds.


Fundamental Fiber Facts
  1. Prevents constipation and intestinal cancer
    Dietary fiber stimulates intestinal peristalsis and helps bowel movements.
  2. Lowers cholesterol
    Research reveals that increasing soluble fiber by five to ten grams a day can reduce LDL cholesterol by almost 5%.
  3. Decreases glucose levels
    For diabetic patients, water-soluble fiber can control blood sugar levels from rising.
  4. Reduces appetite
    Fiber-rich foods are low in calories, yet leave you feeling full.