Company Organization

I    Company Organization Chart




II    Responsibilities of Major Departments

Research and Development Department:

  • Research and development of new products, technology and product quality.
  • Improve cost efficiency of operations.
  • Evaluate new business opportunities and applications for health food certifications.


Facility Operations Department:

  • Production and manufacturing, quality control, warehousing and shipping of the entire product range.


Sales and Marketing Department:

  • Sales: The major sales channels according to customer types are distributors, government branches, department stores and supermarkets. Major responsibilities include providing quotations for products, negotiating shelf space for new products, in-store displays and distribution, planning and implementation of promotional activities, managing client relationships, contract negotiation, and management of shipping and handling.
  • Marketing: Strategic planning in advertising and marketing.


Group Procurement:

  • Procurement of raw materials and imported packaging materials, and outsourcing vendor management.


Finance and Information Department:

  • Finance and accounting: Collection and provision of accounting information, financial and investment management and operations, annual budget planning, credit management, and management of stocks.
  • Computer information: Planning and implementation of information systems as well as management of network systems and system information.


Human Resources Department:

  • Planning and implementing human resource functions, developing rules and regulations, identifying corporate legal risk management, handling legal affairs, offering consulting services, and general administration.


Audit Department:

  • Carrying out and managing auditing functions within the Group.


III    Management Team Roles and Responsibilities
Position Name Responsibilities

Ter-Fung Tsao 

Overall business management of the company
Vice President,
Sales and Marketing Dept.

Glendy Chiang

Supervising sales, marketing, and R&D operations
Vice President,
Group Procurement

Steven Yao

Supervising group procurement
Finance and Information Dept.

Chris Hong

Supervising financial, accounting, and computer information systems
Facility Operations Dept.

Kevin Wei

Supervising production and manufacturing, quality control, warehouse and shipping
Human Resources Dept.               


Larry Fang


Supervising management of human resources, general administration, and handling of legal affairs