IR Information

Announcement for the Convention of Shareholders’ Meeting


I.  Time:

     9:00 a.m., June 13th (Friday), 2019


II.  Venue:

     Amity Room of Da-Yuan Factory of Standard Foods Corporation

     (Add: No 369, Heping W Road, Sec 1,Ta Yuan, Taoyuan, Taiwan)


III.  Meeting Agenda:

        1. Announcement:

                    i. To report the business report of 2018.

                    ii. To report the Audit Committee's review report of 2018.

                    iii. To report the 2017 compensation of directors and employees.

          2. Matters for Ratification:

                    i. The 2018 business reports and financial statements.

                    ii. The distribution of 2018 earnings.

          3. Matters for Discussion:

                    i. The amendment to the "Operational Procedures for the Acquisition or Disposal of assets"

          4. Elections:

                    i. The 13th Director (including independent directors).

          5. Other Proposals:

                    i. Approval to release the elected 13th Directors from non-competition restrictions

                      under same business category.



 For other information regarding the shareholders’ meeting, please refer to the files below: