Food Safety and Quality

At Standard Foods Corporation, food safety and integrity drives every decision. Owning one of Taiwan’s most trusted and respected brands, the company has built its reputation on providing high-quality items that are both healthy and delicious.


Product quality begins with the raw materials and Standard Foods strictly controls the selection and screening process of the ingredients. After selection, quality-control systems monitor the raw materials once they enter the factory.


Standard Foods carefully inspects its products at every stage of the manufacturing process. Before an item leaves the plant, final tests are conducted to ensure the product reflects the company’s standards of excellence and are free from artificial preservatives.


All products manufactured in Standard Foods’ Dayuan factory earn ISO 22000 certification, guaranteeing that they meet the international standards of food safety.


Our Promise of Quality

Quality assurance:
Maintain the highest levels of quality, hygiene and safety.


Customer satisfaction:
Address customers’ needs and assure them of our quality guarantee.


Calamity prevention:
Identify potential problems and prevent possible damages.


Continuous improvement:
Streamline operations and improve processes and capabilities.


Three Guarantees of Quality
  • Complete and superior product designs
  • Strict monitoring and control of the manufacturing process
  • After-sales service and a consumer feedback system