R&D in Standard Foods

Constant innovations in health and nutritional science have driven company growth and established Standard Foods Corporation’s market lead.


By focusing on customers’ health, dietary needs and feedback, Standard Foods Corporation continues to launch innovative products and lead the way in nutritional research and product development.


In terms of R&D investment, a three-point directive guides the company:

  • Explore new ways to improve the health of local consumers by providing nutritional, modern and convenient food products of the highest quality
  • Contribute and educate consumers to adopt and practice good health concepts
  • Dedicate itself to scientific innovation and the creation of cutting-edge technology

The Standard Foods Culture

Embracing a spirit of invention and creativity, the envelope-pushing R&D team consists of specialists in food science, nutrition, chemistry, and engineering. Integral to the success of Standard Foods Corporation, the team develops products through their combined expertise and by collaborating with external academic institutions.


Vastly utilizing the latest consumer research technology and employing comprehensive tests, the focus is on understanding consumer trends and meeting the market’s ever-changing needs.


At Standard Foods Corporation, the R&D team invests resources in:

  • Developing new products
  • Creating functional formulations
  • Exploring new packaging methods
  • Analyzing new materials
  • Improving the flavors, textures and nutritional value across the entire product range