R&D in Products

Ongoing Research & Development

The Basis of Innovation

Understanding consumers’ changing habits and expectations is key when developing new products. To ensure Standard Foods creates useful, nutritious products that enhance customers’ lives, the company conducts regular consumer behavior surveys.

With the collected data, Standard Foods’ Research & Development team begins work on improving, exploring and innovating in the areas of:

  • nutrition and health;
  • product taste and convenience; and
  • quality and safety.

As Standard Foods expands and secures new opportunities, the company continues to innovate, challenge conventions and set new standards in product excellence.


Leading the Field

Combining cutting-edge technology and modern food science, Standard Foods has created market-leading products and pioneered new techniques. The company’s accomplishments include:

  • Becoming the largest nutritional food company in Taiwan in 2011;
  • Earning 33 Health Food Certificates and endorsements for its outstanding products in Taiwan;
  • Creating the first DHA and AA enriched baby formula product for local babies;
  • Leading the consumer education/propaganda activities about prevention of osteoporosis since 1987;
  • Introducing a new diet concept about drinking low-fat and non-fat milk to replace whole cream milk in 1994 and onward;
  • Being the first company in the world to incorporate functional formulations into milk powder;
  • Launching a line of Chinese herbal drinks commercially made by western extraction technology;
  • Pioneering the cereal beverage business with the addition of an enzyme treated oats drink.